Families for R.E.A.L. (Resources and Early Access to Learn)

In 1988, The Hawai'i State Legislature initiated the "Parent Education Demonstration Project," later named "Families for R.E.A.L. (Resources and Early Access to Learning)" in response to a community vision of healthy children and families. Families for R.E.A.L. is a school-based program of courses and activities for parents and their children, ages 0 to 5.

Parents and children participate in the classes corresponding to their children's ages once a week for eight to nine weeks to gain and share information and skills. Each course is offered at least three times (3 sessions) a year. There are regular courses for:

  1. parents with their infants;
  2. parents with their one-year-old children;
  3. parents with their two-year-old toddlers;
  4. parents with their three-year-old children;
  5. parents with their four or five-year-old children;and
  6. pregnant teens
In addition to the program's regular courses, special community education classes and activities regarding family development, early childhood development, and emergent literacy are offered for the larger public.
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Families For R.E.A.L Curriculum Framework
A BILL FOR AN ACT Relating to Early Childhood Education, SB No. 3101, Twenty Third Legislature, 2006.